Diverse Housing

Diverse Housing

Florida Department of Corrections

General Information on Florida Department of Corrections Probation

Probation Office Hours

  • 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday; Ask your officer if there are extended office hours beyond this schedule.

Reporting Requirements

  • Save time by completing your report prior to reporting; Bring other required information with you as instructed, e.g. pay stub, community service hour documentation, job search log, support group meeting log, driving log, etc.
  • Sign in each time you report; Avoid bringing kids in with you; Allow time to talk to your officer and for possible drug test

24 Hour Phone Number for After Hour Emergencies

  • Provided by your officer and posted in the lobby; For emergency phone calls only
    (407) 245-0854   or   (800) 790-5556

Residence and Employment Changes

  • You must obtain the approval of your probation officer before you change your residence or employment.


  • Unless you are retired, disabled, or are a full-time student, you will be expected to work full time at legitimate employment.
  • You are required to tell your employer that you are on supervision – Your officer must contact your employer as well.

Permission to Travel

  • You must request permission from your officer to travel outside your county of residence including:
    o Purpose of trip
    o Location/name/address of destination
    o Method of travel
    o Phone number of destination and contact
    o Length of stay
    o Person accompanying you, if applicable
  • You must discuss plans to travel out of state with your officer and receive permission prior to travel
  • Permission to travel can be denied due to several reasons – your officer will discuss further with you.


  • Your officer will explain the payment process, review your payment schedule, and discuss incentives for early payoff

Complaint/Grievance Process

  • This explains the process you must use if you have a complaint or concern with your supervision or your officer.
  • You were provided with a copy of the complaint/grievance process during orientation and it is also posted in the lobby

Orange County FDOC Probation Offices

Click on the map for full sized in Google Maps

09A Orlando Intake
091 Orlando North
096 Orlando Central

27 & 31 Coburn Ave.
Orlando, FL 32805

09A: (407) 254-8054
091: (407) 245-0770
096: (407) 254-0701

09B Orlando East

7420 TPC Blvd.
Suites 4 & 5
Orlando, FL 32822

Ph: (407) 297-2000

090 Orlando Circuit

2925 Michigan Ave.
Kissimmee, FL 34744

Ph: (407) 846-5023

092 Orlando West
093 Orlando Main
097 Orlando South

7424 Laurel Hill Dr.
Orlando, FL 32818

092: (407) 521-2526
093: (407) 521-2526
097: (407) 521-2526

094 Kissimmee
Osceola Intake

1605 N. John Young
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Ph: (407) 846-5215

The Florida Department of Corrections Probation Website

Forms AvailableTo Complete Prior To Reporting

Supervision Report (English)

Sex Offender Driving Log (English)

Job Search Log (English)

J-Pay Deposit Slip (English)

Support Group Meeting Log
DC3-207       (English Only)

J-Pay Sending Money With Cash

Supervision Report (Spanish)

Sex Offender Driving Log (Spanish)

Job Search Log (Spanish)

J-Pay Deposit Slip (Spanish)

Community Control Schedule
DC3-207          (English Only)